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Morgan Betsill is an avid maker originally from Louisville, Kentucky with a major in Fibers and a minor in experimental fashion. She has an interdisciplinary approach to material and moves between sewn construction, woodworking, ceramics, and painting with fluidity. Her great loves are trying new foods, befriending neighborhood pets, and wandering around the great outdoors.



My goal as an artist is to create objects that will connect with and influence ordinary people. I’ve always been attracted to craft and the idea of creating items that have real world uses and impacts. The clothes we wear and the objects we surround ourselves with have a lasting effect on the way we view ourselves and the world around us. Currently, my work is focused on creating garments and functional objects that create a sense of personal environment to draw attention to the spaces around us, and away from day to day distractions. I draw my inspiration from the imagination and curiosity I felt when exploring the outdoors as a child. Each of my pieces allows the user or wearer to slip back into that curious mindset. They’re gently encouraged to notice the hidden patterns and transformations in the landscape around them and once again question their surroundings. My work provides people with a natural space to escape the rigid systems we’re forced to comply with everyday.

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